Programming C#

Florian Rappl, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Regensburg

Programming C#

An advanced introduction to development with the .NET-Framework


  • 10 days, last 3 fully dedicated to projects
  • First week contains exercises
  • Second week will focus on projects
  • Exercises will be a mix of dynamic and fixed assignments
  • FlexNow is mandatory if you want a certificate
  • Lecture from 9 to 12 am
  • Exercises in CIP Pool VKL beginning at 1 pm


  • I am Florian Rappl, PhD student of Prof. Wettig
  • Working experience as software engineer and IT consultant
  • More than 10 years of experience with .NET and C#
  • Regular writer of technical articles on programming
  • Microsoft MVP for C# and CodeProject MVP

A little bit of warning

  • This course is only for people who have programming experience
  • If you never wrote C or Java (or C#) you will most probably fail
  • The speed will be very fast ...
  • ... unless you ask questions - so ask!
  • There will be a lot to learn and do
  • But there are also benefits from this

Overall agenda for week 1

  • Day 1: Basic concepts, types, arrays, properties and Console projects
  • Day 2: Object oriented programming (OOP), Generics and Windows Forms projects
  • Day 3: Lambda expressions, Delegates, extension methods, LINQ and debugging
  • Day 4: Threads and tasks, TPL, await and async and user controls
  • Day 5: IO, webrequests, events, serializing objects and dynamic types

Overall agenda for week 2

  • Day 1: Project management with Visual Studio, sample projects, other technologies
  • Day 2: Drawing with GDI+, exception handling, resource management
  • Day 3: Libraries and NuGet, work on the projects
  • Day 4: Focus on the projects
  • Day 5: (Intermediate-)completion and presentation of the projects
  • The final project due date is on the 26th (Saturday) of April

Available presentations

More questions? Just mail!


Florian Rappl, MVP Visual C#