Programming C#

Florian Rappl, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Regensburg

Programming C#

Day 6: Project management with Visual Studio, sample projects, other technologies


  • The solution explorer
  • Managing projects
  • Build rules and events
  • Using hardware acceleration in WPF
  • Building dynamic webpages with ASP.NET MVC
  • Creating simple network services
  • Games with DirectX or OpenGL
  • WindowsPhone / Windows store apps

The solution explorer

  • Add or remove project resources
  • Set compilation options
  • Manage dependencies
  • Setup (remote) debugging
  • Manage projects

Manage projects

  • A project represents an assembly
  • There is a huge variety of project templates
  • Differences: Basic settings, included dependencies, given code
  • The given code can be a great help
  • Reduces writing the same code over and over
  • Also the right target framework is set

Build rules and events

  • Targets and target CPUs
  • Debug files
  • Build order
  • Generating XML documentation files
  • Symbols (definitions)
  • Pre- and post build events
  • Warning levels

→ Example - Project management


  • Framework for GUI, based on XAML
  • Improved binding and styling capabilities
  • Hardware acceleration of the GUI
  • Disadvantage: Startup time and memory footprint
  • Perfect suited for the new MVVM pattern
  • Distinction: Visual tree and logical tree
  • Separation is very important


→ Example - WPF


  • ASP introduced the webforms concept
  • ASP.NET MVC is much closer to the outcome
  • Very tight control and comfortable flow
  • Excellent Model-View-Controller implementation
  • Additionally routes, model helpers, ... included
  • Very easy to extend and adjust


→ Example - ASP.NET MVC


  • The .NET-Framework offers many ways of writing network services
  • Very comfortable and powerful: SignalR
  • Greatest advantage: works perfect with web apps
  • Here websockets or some fallback like long polling is used
  • Easy communication between apps

A collection of clients

→ Example - SignalR


  • Various game engines exist
  • Well known and very well working: XNA
  • For 2D gaming one example is SDL.NET
  • Cross-platform and established: MonoGame
  • Another interesting cross-platform engine: WAVE
  • Under Windows we can use DirectX or OpenGL

→ Example - Games

Windows store apps

  • C# is one of the official languages for Windows apps
  • That includes Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 7 / 8
  • Windows Store apps are XAML based (like WPF)
  • However, they can only use the .NET core
  • They run sandboxed, i.e. with reduced rights
  • Accessing the filesystem is not (directly) possible
  • We have to use a new API called WinRT

→ Example - Windows Store apps

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